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15 recs for 10 Cloverfield Lane, Arrested Development, The Good Place, Selfie, Stranger Things, The Thin Man, Veep, You've Got Mail, Zootopia, plus the gifts I got for Sicario!

(Recs were all bookmarked pre-reveals, but then: procrastination!)

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The yuletide letters database is up and running for 2016. You can find it at

The letters database mirrors the contents of the Letters Spreadsheet but may be easier to view on some devices than the spreadsheet is.
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Yuletide letters are an optional, but traditional, part of Yuletide.

When you sign up to Yuletide (on AO3, beginning 1 October), you will pick between 3 and 6 fandoms to request. On the sign-up form, you can also enter prompts for each of these fandoms. Many people stick to that, and don’t write a letter. Many people choose to also write a letter, and put the link in the sign-up form. Writing a Yuletide letter makes your prompts more visible. It gives people some idea of what’s being requested in a fandom before they offer to write it, and it gives you space to talk at length about your likes and dislikes.

If you want tips on how to write a letter, try Yuletide IRC chat, or perhaps browse other people’s letters and think about whether they would be helpful to you as a writer.

To announce your letter to the Yuletide community at large, please comment to this Dreamwidth post or to the parallel post on LiveJournal, in the following format:

AO3 name
Link to your letter
Another link if your letter is in more than one place
Fandom name
Fandom name
Fandom name

That is, please write it like:

Jorinde and Joringel (Fairy Tale)
Pokemon GO
The Shadow (1994)
Soon I Will Be Invincible - Austin Grossman
Sucker Punch (2011)

rather than

AO3 name: Morbane
Link to your letter:
Fandom name: Jorinde and Joringel (Fairy Tale)
Fandom name: Pokemon GO
Fandom name: The Shadow (1994)
Fandom name: Simoun
Fandom name: Soon I Will Be Invincible - Austin Grossman
Fandom name: Sucker Punch (2011)

Faster for you, and faster for me copying it to the spreadsheet. ^!^

If you want to add your requested characters in your comment, please feel free! Just please write them below your AO3 name, letter link, and fandom names.

You can have 3, 4, 5, or 6 fandom names - that is the number of possible requests this year.

Please use the 2016 tag set as a guide to formatting each fandom name.

Please do NOT link an placeholder or a locked letter. We won’t tabulate those until they’re available.

If you need to correct your details, please reply to or edit your comment, AND post a reply to the correction comment, one of the first under the post.

The google spreadsheet is HERE. Thank you to Alley_Skywalker, Isis, Molybdomantic, and Shadow_Lover, who are helping to keep it updated.

lsellersfic has also kindly set up a database of Yuletide letters, drawn from the spreadsheet. This may be easier for people to access than the spreadsheet.

If your letter isn’t done yet, don’t panic. We will keep adding letters to the spreadsheet whenever you comment. I strongly recommend finishing your letter before 16 October, because otherwise, your writer will be waiting to see it instead of starting on their story for you.

However, that’s only if you’re writing a letter. If you don't want to, you don't have to.

This post is also on LiveJournal.
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