Yule Recs

Dec. 31st, 2012 09:40 pm
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27 recs in the following fandoms at my DW|LJ

Sarah Jane Smith (Big Finish Audios)/Downtime (1995)/Sarah Jane Adventures/Doctor Who (2)
(My Gifts)
Yuletide (Anthropomorfic)
Young Wizards (2)
War for the Oaks
Warehouse 13 (2)
Trixie Belden
Summerland - Michael Chabon
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries/Firefly
Sarah Jane Adventures
Sapphire & Steel/Discworld
Queen's Thief
Star Wars/Disney Princesses
President's Daughter
Phineas and Ferb
Phantom Tollbooth/Lord of the Rings/Narnia
My Little Pony (1984)
Mets Broadcaster RPF
The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom
Gallifrey (Big Finish Audio)
Don't Trust the B--- in Apartment 23
Blake's 7
Code Name Verity/Ballet Shoes
Chronicles of Narnia/Wicked Girls
Batgirl/Doctor Who
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