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I have been hoping someone would put up a pretty spreadsheet like in the past, but since that hasn't happened I have made a clunky one. Comment with your noms and desires here with any explanatory commentary, and then you can edit the spreadsheet over here.

(I hope no one's toes are dented.)

(I'd add tags, but I'm not authorized.)

ETA: I should make it clearer that you can edit the spreadsheet directly. I am trying to add things people posted who didn't get them there, but I am not fast. The links are so if people want to ask you to add or change a character they can.
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For some reason, I didn't realize I could post to the DW Yuletide comm. Eventually, I start to figure things out. :)

I've been compiling a Google spreadsheet with links to the nominated canons and whether they're available free. Very in progress.


Anyone can comment on the spreadsheet or here, and I'll be incorporating links from the eligibility post as well.
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Yes, I know we haven't even gotten assignments for Yuletide 2012, yet, but if I don't do it now I will forget.

I love Yuletide.  I've loved Yuletide for years.  But one thing I have noticed: when it comes time to nominate fandoms and do signups, I always am left wracking my brains, knowing that there are stories in small fandoms that it has occurred to me to want over the last year, but I can't remember them.  This has a couple of times led to me throwing together a signup and only after assignments are out figuring out what I really should have requested instead.

This is especially important now that we can only nominate three fandoms but we can request fic in four.  I participated in the nomination trading this year, and made appeals on my journal, but nobody nominated either of the fourth fandoms I asked for.  Which then meant that I had to browse through the fandoms that were nominated and do some hard thinking about which ones I might want fic in.

So this year I am being smart.  While I am thinking about Yuletide, I have started a text file that is on my desktop and easily accessible.  In that text file I have requests from previous Yuletides that were not fulfilled, as well as space for any other ideas for future years.  I will be adding to it through the year, any ideas I have for small fandom fics.  I will be prepared for next year!  This file already has prompts/requests in seven fandoms.

Next year, when nominations roll around, I will nominate the three fandoms on that list I am most excited about or that are the most rare, and put requests for nomination for one or two of the others.  But whether or not somebody else nominates those fandoms for me, I will have a whole list of fandoms I would really like fic in, and therefore a much better chance of someone spontaneously nominating one of those fandoms.  I will have less scrambling to do, and a far lower chance of realizing the day after assignments are sent out that I requested a fic in x fandom, but what I really wanted was a fic in y fandom.

Another tip: Dear Yulegoat letters.  I do mine in two parts, general likes/dislikes, and fandom specific stuff.  Therefore I can take last year's general stuff, tweak it, and use it again, which makes DYG letters a lot easier to write.

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(This is a copy of and entry made to my journal yesterday)

So, I was in Yuletide chat today (I kind of managed to, er, lose my voice... it started yesterday evening and was better this morning, but I was pretty much without speaking capabilities around noon), and [personal profile] elf put up a sorted list of Yuletide fandoms ordered by genre, but that has the nominated names and not the AO3 names and so I got the idea that I could parse the final list with a bit of Python and...

Things happened.

Warning: This is a long list. And might contain a few fuck-ups. I didn't really look through all the results.

Also, because of AO3 conventions, this is less helpful for book fandoms, as they are sorted by book title, not by author names. If you are looking for sorting by author name, [personal profile] elf's version will be a lot more helpful.

List also available here

Video Games )

TV Shows )

Anime & Manga )

Movies )

Celebrities & Real People )

Music & Bands )

Other Media )

Cartoons & Comics & Graphic Novels )

Theater )

Books & Literature )

(Yes, there are formating errors and I forgot Python sorts strings case-sensitive. But I really don't have the time to go through the list and cross-reference (or fix my program - hey, I am allowed to be a lazy programmer from time to time). If anyone wants to tackle it, feel free, I can edit the entry whenever I am online)
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