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A compilation of recs for a baker's dozen of various book canons from Yuletide 2013: from swords and sorcery to urban fantasy, from supernatural Victorian mystery to full-on magic, quest and romance and beyond, all readable with or without respective canon knowledge. In other words, a good way to while away the evening immersed in a swashbuckling armchair adventure.
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I've gotten somewhat confused about where yay recs and where nay recs this time around. Clarification much appreciated!
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After massive last minute dithering, I've updated my Dear Yuletide Writer post, as I ended up not being able to stand leaving out the video I kept trying to decide whether to nominate, the music video for Give Me Love.

My newly-revised very lengthy letter is HERE if anyone is interested.

Ack, it's too hard to know what fandoms to request and offer! <3

and EEEEEE now the waiting for an assignment begins...
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As people finalize their requests and offers, please feel encouraged to use the comments here to signal boost fandoms that may otherwise be overlooked. (You can see the current summary of offers & requests here, and the tagset of possible (i.e. nominated) fandoms here; information about how & where to sign up here.)
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This is your 23.5 hour warning for signups, which will close at 6pm EDT on Monday 14th Oct. (What time is that for me? and a countdown.)

You can signup on the Yuletide 2013 collection page.

You can view the current signup summary HERE. But please remember that bucket lists (the signups of more than 10 that people offer, which get listed all in one offer slot) do NOT show up on this summary (sadly, it's a function of the way the code is). So some of the things that are currently showing up with requests but no offers, might actually have offers.

However, if none of your OFFERS are showing up on the page, it is because no one has requested them. As we get closer to the deadline, please keep an eye on this - you can't be matched if no one is requesting what you are offering...
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Please make sure to check the [ profile] yuletide_admin post (linked above) for more details about sign-ups, including some fandom specific information.

Sign-ups will be open until 14th October, 6pm (18:00) (What time is that for me? And here is a countdown.)

There is also now a Yuletide tumblr, which will repost/link Yuletide-Admin comm major announcements.
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A brief flurry of activity from the new mods over at both [ profile] yuletide_admin and [ profile] yuletide, with a new schedule and a (now in flux) new set of nomination protocols in admin, and a new fandom-promotion post in the member comm.

FWIW, I am not particularly up in arms over the now-in-review (and I suspect almost certain to be dropped) proposal to require seconding of nominations; I think this was a classic example of getting so excited by the perceived technical advantages that the philosophical implications were totally overlooked. [I am also mildly amused, because I more or less predicted the 'tag bloat" phenomenon two years ago when the nomination process was first tightened....]
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For those who don't regularly follow the LJ [ profile] yuletide_admin comm, there is a new post up that you might want to take a look at. [personal profile] elynross, in a fit of sanity, is stepping back from the day-to-day modding of Yuletide. Taking over for her, and working with astolat, will be an awesome team of folks.

Is it Yuletide yet?? :D
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