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Praise! Your! Fandoms! Get others interested!

Hey, everyone! It's Praise Your Fandom time!

Get people into your canon! Tell them what's awesome about it!

Tell them where to find it!

Tell them ALL ABOUT IT!

Please use this format:

<b>Fandom/Canon Name:</b>
<b>What's awesome about it:</b>
<b>Where to find:</b>

Thank you and have a great yuletide!

(ALSO: Please feel free to ask for specific recs too! Like post a thread going 'hey I'm looking for canons with bisexual leads' or something!)
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I've nominated Elizabeth of the Garrett Theatre by Gwendoline Courtney. My ultimate feelgood book about four sisters who are suddenly get a stepmother they decide to hate. But she turns up to be nice and with a great deal of humour. I crave happy what-happens-next.

I also tool Lovecraft's The Case of Charles Dexter Ward because I would really like to know more about Joseph Curwens marriage.

And lastly, The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova because Dracula.