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Soul Exchange Mod ([personal profile] soulexmod) wrote in [community profile] yuletide2017-05-01 07:11 pm

Soul Exchange - Pinch hit needed!

Soul Exchange is a multifandom gift exchange for fanworks revolving around soulmates and soulbonds. We've had one pinch hit lingering since assignments went out nearly two weeks ago. Unfortunately, it seems I need to cast my net a bit wider in order to find this recipient's soulmate. If you can take it on, the assignment is due at 11:59 PM UTC on June 3.

If you're familiar with The Hobbit movies, Roswell, The Chronicles of Narnia, Black Jewels, Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and/or Supernatural (the latter four fandoms being requested under the Crossover banner), head over to this post!

The pinch hit is now taken!