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[sticky entry] Sticky: Welcome: the Re-Welcoming

This is an informal community for chat about Yuletide, which was started up by participants and has now (2017) been passed over to mods. Official announcements are given at [community profile] yuletide_admin and [ profile] yuletide_admin (which has a feed at [syndicated profile] yuletide_admin_feed).

This is intended to be a Dreamwidth equivalent of [ profile] yuletide.

Yuleswaps 2017: SIGN-UPS ARE OPEN. Stop, Drop, and Swap!

Hello, sweet swappers! As promised, SWAPS ARE HERE. SWAPS ARE SWAPPENING.

If you are new to swaps, or to Yuletide, and curious about what the heck I'm talking about, our brand-new 2017 FAQ is here! If you are old to swaps, read on!


Questions? Comments? First check out the FAQ, and then, if that doesn’t sort you, feel free to comment either here or there, or email us at yuleswaps at gmail!

<3 K

Yuleswaps: Frequently Asked Questions [as of: October 2017]

Hello, beloved swappers! Don’t worry, swaps IS happening, as always! Sign-ups post will go up, ummmm, soon. I meant to kick us off around the beginning of the month, but #life #got overwhelmed by the idea of needing to rewrite this FAQ, tbh. Sorry!

This year! We have moved to Dreamwidth, because Yuletide has moved to Dreamwidth, and because it seems like most of our constituency has done the same. We will probably continue to crosspost to the Yuletide LJ community in some capacity, linking back to DW posts and providing a forum for LJ-only swappers to continue to ask questions and make contact when their yahoo emails inevitably fail. ;)

Tags will remain the same: “omnomnom” for candyswap, “who likes books” for bookswap, and “nice cuppa” for drinkswap (er, just as soon as I'm able to request their creation on DW). As on LJ, we strongly encourage swappers to track tags for the swaps they are interested in.

(Go to your DW Account Settings >> Notifications afterward, to make sure all the tags you wanted definitely took!)

And now…onward!

FAQ! )

But seriously, when are sign-ups going to be open for Yuleswaps 2017?

Soon, I swear. Tonight, I hope, but realistically, might be more like tomorrow or Tuesday. I will get it together. I promise. Swaps will happen.

Happy swapping, swappers!!!!

Kat (and sleeps, in spirit)
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IF in Yuletide 2017

I'm posting this since the usual people haven't! This is copy-pasted from the excellent posts last year and the year before (2016, 2015). Any new errors are mine.

[ profile] raininshadows has also made a spreadsheet of requests!

Are you interested in text adventures, CYOA, twine games or other sorts of interactive fiction? Do you want to let your writer know you'd be happy to receive something along those lines? Are you looking for someone to write IF for? This post is for you.

What is IF? )
Writing IF for Yuletide )
Requesting IF for Yuletide )
Some IF Tools )
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Loaded for Bears*

Assignments are out! How do you feel**? Horrified, delighted, confused, cautiously optimistic?

*Bears: shorthand for panic, apathy, writer's block, anything that keeps you from writing. When the deadline approaches, the bears have been known to eat your toes.

**Please keep details very vague to prevent giving away your assignment.
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Two pinch hits!

[community profile] fandomgrowthexchange currently has two pinch hits!

The minimum for fic is 2,000 words. The minimum for art is lineart with basic colors/tones as well as background OR two lineart drawings. The deadline is October 22nd at 11:55 PM UTC.

To claim, please comment to this Dreamwidth post with your AO3 username and the pinch hit you'd like to claim.

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Letters App

Hello, Yuletide!

I'm de-anoning as the coder behind the letters app here so that people can easily post corrections and ask for updates in the lull between now and Madness.

Of course, the original Dear Yuletide Writer and spreadsheet post is where you should start if you want to get your letter listed; the app will be updated per that post, including all corrections.

App-specific fixes: please comment on the corrections comment on this post if you see any fixes (tagset, letter links, bugs) that need to be made.

Madness & more: In the hope of making this useful for Madness (and the future?), I've put the code and a roadmap of features that will be added here on Github. Everyone is welcome to comment on what should be added next.

More details )
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2 late pinch hits for Crossovering available!

We have two open pinch hits at Crossovering that need to be claimed! These will be due October 12 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. Please respond at the group links below or e-mail us at (Optional details and such are also viewable at the links.) Thank you!

PINCH HIT #012 (
Request #1: Almost Human, due South, Lupin III
Request #2: Almost Human, due South, Lupin III, Pushing Daisies
Request #3: DC's Legends of Tomorrow (TV), Fantastic Four (Movies 2005-2007)
Request #4: Almost Human, DC's Legends of Tomorrow (TV)
Request #5: DC's Legends of Tomorrow (TV), Mad Max Series (Movies)
Request #6: DC's Legends of Tomorrow (TV), Pushing Daisies

PINCH HIT #013 (
Request #1: Merlin (TV), White House Down (2013)  
Request #2: iZombie (TV), Supernatural 
Request #3: Dark Angel, Supernatural
Request #4: iZombie (TV), Psych  

Crueltide 2017

Credit to [personal profile] for_sorrow for the following text! This is a mere C&P.

Not every story is pleasant. Not every story has a happy ending, and not all happy endings come without a dark and painful journey. And sometimes, those are the kinds of stories that we really, really want to read.

If you're one of the many people interested in either writing or receiving darkfic, then Crueltide is here to devour your soul the Yuletide-extra for you!

The short version
  • Read the comments to find people to treat with darkfic.
  • Tag your yuletide darkfic with 'crueltide'

The long version is beneath the cut.

Read more... )
Entry tags:

Yuleporn XX Accent Core Plus Reload EX

What is Yuleporn?

In an exchange as big and diverse as Yuletide, it turns out a lot of people would love to write or recieve explicit stories, but aren't comfortable asking for them or writing them without a little more information. Yuleporn is a sub-challenge (not really a challenge) to help Yuletiders request, write, and read the porn of their Yuletide dreams.
How Do I Participate?
  • Leave a comment on this post linking your letter if you are interested in getting an explicit fic for YT. Add any optional details you want in the comment -- additional prompts, favorite kinks, DNWs, whatever.
  • If you don't have a letter, you can still leave prompts here, but make sure to include your AO3 name, your fandoms, and the characters you requested
  • When it comes time to upload your smut, tag it with "Yuleporn" on AO3 so other interested parties can easily find all the raunchy stuff when the collection opens.
  • Enjoy.
As always, you don't have to participate in Yuleporn to write or request porn -- it's just here to make things easier -- and Yuleporn is 100% open to all kinks (or lack thereof). 
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Two for One (aka the Crossover Challenge)

(copy-pasting from last year's post)

Optional details are optional, and crossover requests are even more optional than the rest. The likelihood of anyone knowing both fandoms is small, but Yuletide is a time of unexpected delights. You never know!

To play, simply copy-paste the following into a comment:
AO3 Name:
Letter Link:
Crossover Type: (ie., crossover, fusion, or either)
Potential Fandom Combinations: (list all combinations you're interested in, ex. Stranger Things/Dark Tower, Persuasion/Black Sails)
Prompts!: (as many and as detailed as you like)

One of the fandoms in each pairing must be one you requested for Yuletide, but the other doesn’t have to be. It doesn’t even have to be in the tagset at all!

Some clarification about crossover types, using non-Yuletide examples (this is meant to be broadly directional, since these terms are somewhat fluid, and there are always hybrids):
Crossovers often involve both sets of characters interacting. For example, a story in which James Bond and Batman team up to defeat a villain would be a crossover. A story in which James Bond travels to Middle Earth would also be a crossover.
Fusions are often AUs in which Fandom A's characters have always existed in Fandom B's setting instead of their own. For example, a fic in which Merlin was born in a galaxy far, far away, discovers that he has the Force, and befriends a dashing smuggler named Gwaine would be a fusion, especially if none of the actual “Star Wars” characters appear. (A fic where they did appear would be an example of a hybrid.)

Darkest Night Pinch Hits

Over at [community profile] darkestnightex we have some pinch hits looking for homes.

Fandoms: Alan Wake (Video Game), Blindsight - Peter Watts, Demonata Series - Darren Shan, Kill Six Billion Demons (Webcomic), Almost Human, Dark Angel, The Pretender (TV), Supernatural, Westworld (TV), Dark Savior, Stella Glow, Undertale (Video Game), Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, Odin Sphere, Star Ocean: The Second Story | Second Evolution

Check out the pinch hits here.
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Femslash Festivus - the debut

Do you want to write femslash for Yuletide? Have you combed through the letters, but have no idea who these characters are, why you might like them, and if the potential recipient is looking for the tropey femslash fic of your shared dreams? Here's your post! 

Femslash Festivus is a collection post for femslash requests that you are making for Yuletide. Posting here doesn't obligate you to do anything, but it helps other femslashers find you and treat you. 

Posting requirements: 
  • Your request centers around a femslash pairing or poly arrangement involving at least two characters who identify as female in the canon. The femslash pairing can't just be a smaller part of a long dudeslash prompt. 
  • I'm not going around the post policing whether or not your letters are femslash-y enough, but please be considerate and do not ask for genderbent versions of male characters in canon, e.g. asking for always-a-girl!Conan the Barbarian paired with Valeria. 

What you must include:
  • Your AO3 name
  • All the fandoms where you are making femslash requests, with characters mentioned (so if you are only asking for gen in one fandom, don't list that one) 
  • If you are asking for femslash in a fandom where you requested no characters because you wanted worldbuilding or OCs, this is perfectly fine! Just make sure you talk up the kind of pairings you'd want to receive in your post. 

What you should probably include: 
  • Some tropes, kinks, or themes you'd want (here's a big list of fanfic tropes from Fanlore - warning that some of these are quite dark)
  • A brief description of your ship, if you think it's unfamiliar to most people
  • Prompts!
  • If you're open to receiving porn for Festivus, note it. 
You are welcome to tag the fics inspired by this post with 'Femslash Festivus.' I also recommend tagging your work with the Misses Clause Challenge, though Femslash Festivus is a separate thing. If anyone wants to start a spreadsheet, that would be deeply appreciated, as I am computer-hopeless. 

And if you're wondering what the heck Festivus is, here's the wiki page for a deeply beloved Seinfeld joke that has actually picked up some traction as a holiday. but please, don't include the Airing of Grievances in your post 

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Entry tags:

Beta Readers: offering to be one, finding one

Here is the unofficial form to offer to be a beta, for spelling, punctuation, and grammar (SPAG) only; non-English languages; areas of expertise; and/or specific fandoms. Include a machine-readable email address and you'll get a copy of your answers and the link to edit your responses in a handy reference email.

Here is the spreadsheet where responses are collected and, when time permits, manually indexed.

If you need a beta for a fandom or a topic that isn't on the spreadsheet yet, you can (1) try the IRC chat or the Discord server; (2) post here ANONYMOUSLY to say "I could really use a beta about X!" and see if anyone adds something to the spreadsheet or comments here to give your their contact information.

Let me know if you have any questions!

(I no longer post to LJ, if someone wants to post a link there, feel free.)

(Edit October 2 10pm: reverted form to old version of Google Forms so I could specify a font size, because the new version was so tiny that I think people were missing important bits of the instructions.)
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Songs, Albums and Music Video fandoms in the Yuletide 2017 Tagset

There are:

34 Songs (4 from last year)
11 Albums (4 from last year)
31 Music Videos (4 from last year)
76 total by my count.

This list does not include musicals, opera or operetta from the 'Drama' media tag. Please let me know if there are things there I should add.

Please put any corrections or things I missed in the first comment below, thank you!

The second comment is for general discussion of this post.

Feel free to make subsequent comments to wax lyrical about particular pieces.

Songs )

Albums )

Music Videos )

-- Could one of the Mods please tag this appropriately? Done, Thank you!
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Crossovering - ONE pinch hit needs a writer!

Itching to write something while we wait to get to the assignment portion of Yuletide? Then have we got a pinch hit for you!

PINCH HIT #009 (requests/letter at this link)
  1. The 100 (TV), The Hunger Games (Movies)  
  2. Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis, Torchwood
  3. Fate/stay night & Related Fandoms, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika | Puella Magi Madoka Magica  
  4. Steins;Gate, Robotics;Notes, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika | Puella Magi Madoka Magica  
The due date for this pinch hit is October 12 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. If you can help us out, please respond at the link or e-mail us at (Rules & requirements can be found here or in our FAQ. Thank you!)

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Artworks in the 2017 Tagset

ETA: Blue Plate Special

Below is a list of the artwork nominated this year, with links. If I've missed anything, or if anyone has better links to the art, please leave me a comment.

This year I'm also making a series of comment threads, one for each art fandom, and I encourage anyone who is interested to do a quick bit of fandom pimping in the relevant thread. What sort of prompts might you be interested in? What interests you about the art?

1947 Heidelberg Photographs series - Walter Sanders
Two american girls sauntering...
Girls' dormitory on the Schlossberg...
American teen-agers drink toast...
Girl lying on bed in Schlossberg dorm and drinking a toast in the inn
Sauntering American girl in checked shirt
Sauntering American girl in sweater and necklace
Staid German Woman

Beautiful Losers II - Jack Vettriano
Beautiful Losers II
Seated Man (Beautiful Losers II)
Standing Man (Beautiful Losers II)
Woman (Beautiful Losers II)

↓↓↓ New Addition ↓↓↓
Blue Plate Special - Jeff Lee Johnson
Blue Plate Special
Blind Man with Newspaper
Point of View Person
Smiling Waitress with Knife
Tentacle Monster Under the Counter

Dixit (Card Game)
Small thumbnails identifying all the cards
Google search

This is a card game, but I think it probably more or less counts as an art prompt - the game involves a pack of cards with interesting illustrations, and unless the nominator turns up to say they had something different in mind, I think it's most likely the requests will be for stories inspired by the art on the cards. I can't find one perfect site to link to showing all the art: if you have a pinterest account I think you can probably see all or most of the cards at the first link. The second link has very small thumbnails allowing you to identify which card images you've found elsewhere belong in which pack. The third link merely saves you the time of typing dixit cards into google image search. If anyone requesting this has direct links to better quality images of cards they particularly like, please comment with the link and I'll add it in.

Elements - Experiments in Character Design - Kaycie D.
Beryllium (Elements Character Design)
Chlorine (Elements Character Design) (sorry, couldn't find a better image)
Helium (Elements Character Design)
Technetium (Elements Character Design)

Europe After the Rain II - Max Ernst (Painting)
Europe After the Rain II - Max Ernst

Flodskörden || Things from the Flood - Simon Stålenhag
Things from the Flood Part I
Things from the Flood Part II
Annika (Flodskörden)
Annika's Boyfriend (Flodskörden)
Female police officer (Flodskörden)
Stimulus Roadworker (Flodskörden)

Simon Stålenhag is perennial yuletide art favourite, but you could easily miss this one, since it's found under Books & Literature - quite correctly as it was published as a book, but it is indeed art, and the art is available online at the links above.

Le Fruit Defendu - Auguste Toulmouche
Le Fruit Defendu
Le Fruit Defendu (b&w)

The Garden Door - William Bruce Ellis Ranken
The Garden Door
Man in a Grey Suit (The Garden Door - Ranken)
Man in a Hat (The Garden Door - Ranken)
Man With Flowers (The Garden Door - Ranken)

Hedgehog and Polar Bear - Nami Nishikawa
Artist's Tumblr
Pinterest board of nominator's favourites
Cat (Hedgehog and Polar Bear)
Hedgehog (Hedgehog and Polar Bear)
Polar Bear (Hedgehog and Polar Bear)

Lisa Frank - Works
Dancing Dolphins (Lisa Frank)
Dancing Dolphins (Google image search)
Hunter (Lisa Frank)
Hunter (Google image search)
Playtime Kittens (Lisa Frank) (Google image search)
Rainbow Chaser (Lisa Frank)
Rainbow Chaser (Google image search)

These all seem to be recurrent characters in Lisa Frank's art, so I've linked fact sheets for the three that seemed to have them, and otherwise just general image searches where you can find the nominated characters in a number of different pieces. Frank's Facebook also has many images.

Night Sun Tarot Deck
Knight of Wands (Night Sun Tarot)
Page of Swords (Night Sun Tarot)
Three of Swords (Night Sun Tarot)
Three of Pentacles (Night Sun Tarot)

Omar Rayyan - Works
Lady in Furs (Omar Rayyan - Works)
The Morning After (Omar Rayyan - Works)
Spanish Mackerel (Omar Rayyan - Works)
Tea in the Tempest (Omar Rayyan - Works)

Another perennial favourite making a reappearance.

Shadowscapes Tarot
The Emperor (Shadowscapes)
Knight of Wands (Shadowscapes )
Nine of Swords (Shadowscapes)
Page of Swords (Shadowscapes)
Queen of Swords (Shadowscapes)
Seven of Swords (Shadowscapes)

Sino-Soviet Propaganda Posters
Sino-Soviet Propaganda Posters

Something I Must Do (Woot T-Shirt)
Something I Must Do

Space Cats - Bronwyn Schuster
Orange Tabby Space Cat (I think this is the right one - I'd have said this one was the orange tabby and Space Cat I is brown.)
Purple Longhair Space Cat
Rocket Pack Space Cat
Rocket Ship Space Cat
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Dear Yuletide Writer: 2017

Yuletide letters are an optional, but traditional, part of Yuletide.
When you sign up to Yuletide (on AO3, beginning 1 October), you will pick between 3 and 6 fandoms to request. On the sign-up form, you can also enter prompts for each of these fandoms. Many people stick to that, and don’t write a letter. Many people choose to also write a letter, and put the link in the sign-up form. Writing a Yuletide letter makes your prompts more visible. It gives people some idea of what’s being requested in a fandom before they offer to write it, and it gives you space to talk at length about your likes and dislikes. 
If you want tips on how to write a letter, try Yuletide IRC chat or Discord (invite link), or perhaps browse other people’s letters and think about whether they would be helpful to you as a writer.
If your letter isn’t done yet, don’t panic. We will keep adding letters to the spreadsheet whenever you comment. I strongly recommend finishing your letter before October 15, because otherwise, your writer will be waiting to see it instead of starting on their story for you.
(However, that’s only if you’re writing a letter. If you don't want to, you don't have to.)

To announce your letter to the Yuletide community at large, please comment to this Dreamwidth post or to the parallel post on LiveJournal.
Format & Posting

  • Please make sure your letter is complete/unlocked before you comment.
  • Please only comment to this post or the LJ mirror, not both. Commenting to both is confusing.
  • Please use the 2017 tag set as a guide to formatting each fandom name.
  • Please format your comment as below for the ease of the spreadsheeting team.

Comment Format:

AO3 name
Link to your letter
Another link if your letter is in more than one place
Fandom name
Fandom name
Fandom name
That is, please write it like:
The Crown (TV)
Inspector Alleyn Mysteries - Ngaio Marsh 
Jeeves – P.G. Wodehouse 
Spy Kids (Movies)
Doctor Who RPF
Political RPF - US 21st c.
AO3 name: triplesalto
Link to your letter:
Fandom name: The Crown (TV)
Fandom name: Inspector Alleyn Mysteries - Ngaio Marsh 
Fandom name: Jeeves – P.G. Wodehouse 
Fandom name: Spy Kids (Movies)
Fandom name: Doctor Who RPF
Fandom name: Political RPF - US 21st c.
Faster for you, and faster for the lovely spreadsheet volunteers copying it to the spreadsheet!
If you want to add your requested characters in your comment, please feel free! Just please write them below your AO3 name, letter link, and fandom names.
You can have 3, 4, 5, or 6 fandom names - that is the number of possible requests this year.
Please do NOT link an placeholder or a locked letter. We won’t tabulate those until they’re available.
If you need to correct your details, please reply to or edit your comment, AND post a reply to the correction comment, one of the first under the post. (If you have any technical issues/comments, that's the best place to post them as well.)

We highly encourage you to double-check your information once it's been entered on the spreadsheet.
Yuletide Links of Interest
The google spreadsheet is here. Thank you to wishandripen, Isis, and molybdomantic for helping keep it updated! 

Our friendly neighborhood coding anon is adding DYW Letters to the one-page app that also contains the filterable tagset/character nominations with the option to bookmark individual fandoms OR individual letters. ♥
Previous DYW Posts: 2016 (DW/LJ), 2015 (DW/LJ), 2014 (LJ)

Additional thanks to Morbane for letting me copy & paste her DYW system pretty much verbatim and triplesalto for letting me use them as a test subject! 
Entry tags:

Wrapping Paper Art Challenge 2017

Post also on LiveJournal:

The Wrapping Paper art challenge for Yuletide is an opportunity for those who love art to give and receive fanart treats, in the spirit of the crossover, interactive fiction, and drabble challenges.

  • You can comment here to request art.

  • You can read the comments to find someone to treat.

  • Be sure to post your treats to the Madness Collection. Art is not permitted in the main collection.

  • Tag your treats with 'Wrapping Paper'

Please respect your recipient's wishes as to whether or not they'd like art as a treat.

If you want to receive art, you can post a link to your letter here or fill out this form:

Happy treating!