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Praise! Your! Fandoms! Get others interested!

Hey, everyone! It's Praise Your Fandom time!

Get people into your canon! Tell them what's awesome about it!

Tell them where to find it!

Tell them ALL ABOUT IT!

Please use this format:

<b>Fandom/Canon Name:</b>
<b>What's awesome about it:</b>
<b>Where to find:</b>

Thank you and have a great yuletide!

(ALSO: Please feel free to ask for specific recs too! Like post a thread going 'hey I'm looking for canons with bisexual leads' or something!)
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Fandom/Canon Name:The Girl With The Silver Eyes by Willo Davis Rogers

What's awesome about it: The muumuu wearing old fat lady who lives alone with her cat and her books and gives no fucks and is #rolemodel. The fact that the main character can TALK TO CATS. The constant references to other YA fantasy/sf novels by the same publishing imprint that she is reading. How much this book distrusts all adult people. How much this book also distrusts all non-readers. How the kids have psychic powers and are super-smart, but they're also explicitly non-neurotypical in a way that reads a lot more Autism Spectrum than any of the books about supposedly autistic kids that I was reading at the time this came out, and those difference are much more of an issue for them than the psi powers. The swimming pool. The bus. The way Monica tries so hard. The way Miss K effortlessly shuts down all of Mr. P's attempts to nice-guy her into a not-a-date.

Where to find: It's a kids' novel from the early 80s but it had a relatively recent reprint and you can get it used cheap online or at a lot of public libraries.
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I adored that book when I was a kid and may have to find a copy somewhere. Thanks for reminding me of it!
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I LOVED that book when I was a kid!!
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I love this book and am happy it has other fans!