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Fandom/Canon Name: Gabriel Knight

What's awesome about it: Urban fantasy mystery point-and-click RPGs from the latter days of Sierra. Gabriel Knight is a mystery novelist who turns out to be from a bloodline tasked with hunting supernatural threats -- only he's the last of that line because they screwed up generations ago and have been cursed ever since. In the later two games his assistant/sidekick Grace Nakimura becomes a playable character and co-protagonist. The character development across the three games is really satisfying. And each game takes a surprisingly deep dive into its subject matter: New Orleans voodoo in the first title, Sins of the Fathers; werewolves and Ludwig II and Richard Wagner in the second, The Beast Within; and vampires, wine-making, Templars, and the whole "Jesus had a child" idea in the third, Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned.

Where to find: GOG sells all three games for $5.99 a pop -- cheaper than a paperback book, these days!

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