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Muccamukk ([personal profile] muccamukk) wrote in [community profile] yuletide 2017-09-14 01:19 am (UTC)

I can here to post about this!

I was also going to say that while I think that the humour was undersold in promoting this book, because really which us CAN'T relate to that, there's also a lot of really interesting storytelling going on.

Murderbot's media addiction is both a response to trauma in its past, which we only get hints at, but its way of learning to deal with the world, and how to see itself. I really like how story is used in this novella, right up to the end.

I also really liked how the storytelling intertwined with Murderbot's identity issues. This is NOT a robot that wants to be human, but it does want to figure out what identity and freedom mean to it. Especially given that its legal status is somewhere between a laptop and a dog, or a small child on the best planets.

I just love this series to death because it's so sharp and funny, and Murderbot is totally my favourite (not-quite-a-)robot ever, and because under the snark and Netflix there's a really great story that I want ALL the fic about, and the next three novellas, post haste.

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