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Pinch Hit needed at Crossovering!

 We have one open pinch hit currently open at Crossovering (a crossover fic/art exchange). 

Requests are:
  1. Crossover/Fic: Almost Human, due South, Lupin III 
  2. Fusion/Fic: Almost Human, due South, Lupin III, Pushing Daisies 
  3. Crossover/Fic; Fusion/Fic: DC's Legends of Tomorrow (TV), Fantastic Four (Movies 2005-2007) 
  4. Fusion/Fic: Almost Human, DC's Legends of Tomorrow (TV) 
  5. Fusion/Fic: DC's Legends of Tomorrow (TV), Mad Max Series (Movies) 
  6. Fusion/Fic: DC's Legends of Tomorrow (TV), Pushing Daisies
You can view the full request with details at the Google group here. Please reply at the group or e-mail the mods at crossoveringmods@gmail.com if you are interested (please put Pinch Hit #004 in your subject line). Thanks everyone!

 Now CLAIMED! Thank you!

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