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Antonia Forest Fanworks Challenge 2017

A low-pressure prompt meme challenge for fanworks (art and fic) based on the novels of Antonia Forest: the Marlows novels, the Players novels and The Thursday Kidnapping, open now for sign-ups.

Information post at [community profile] trennels, the DW Antonia Forest com.

AO3 Challenge Collection.


Signups open: from now, Wed 31st May. Sign up here, by clicking on the 'Prompt Form' link on the left sidebar.
Signups close: Sun 20th Aug 2017 08:00PM BST
Assignments Due: Fri 08th Sep 2017 08:00PM BST
Works Revealed: Sun 10th Sep 2017 08:00PM BST
Authors Revealed: Sun 17th Sep 2017 08:00PM BST

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