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All In The Family 2017

All In The Family is a panfandom exchange focused on the relationship between family members. There are two days left to sign up! We have a big, varied tag set, and are really hoping to get a bunch more last minute signups. :D

Writers, artists, and vidders may all sign up. Assignment minimums are as follows: 1k for fic, a finished drawing that is not on lined paper for art, and 1 minute for vids.

Sign-ups end: April 2, 11:59 PM EST
Assignments out by: April 9
Assignments due: May 28, 11:59 PM EST
Archive goes live: June 4, time dependent on when all pinch hits have been turned in
Authors/artists revealed: June 11

Link: Sign-up Form | AO3 | Dreamwidth | Tagset

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