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Narnia Fic Exchange 2017


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Description: The Narnia Fic Exchange is an annual anonymous fic exchange, similar to Secret Santas and other fanwork gift exchanges.

The Exchange is hosted on AO3 and here's the tagset, which will open for nominations in two days.

Tag nominations open: July 5th
Signups open: July 12th
Signups close: July 21st
Assignments sent out: by July 24th
Fics due: anytime before August 26th
Prompts Revealed/Madness: July 13th - September 2nd
Stories revealed: September 3rd
Authors revealed: September 10th

Note: The NFE was previously on LJ, and has now moved to DW. All posts will be at the DW comm.
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[personal profile] rosefox 2017-07-04 11:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi, can you link to the DW comm, please? You mention it but I don't see a link anywhere, only to the LJ comm in the description.