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Question about tagging on AO3.

My assigned person requested a character that has no fic on the archive (and as far as I can tell no fic anywhere).  Awesome!  That's what Yuletide's for.  My question is one of technicalities.  S/he spelled the name wrong.  Do I contact the tag mods and ask them to change it?  Do I ignore it, and tag the character correctly when I post my fic? 
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I have this exact same problem, myself. I had planned on doing tags with both the correct and incorrect spellings--since in my case, it looks as though both tags are on the archive.

(And in my case, this is all the fault of an error in the opening intro, while the correct version is in the end credits.)
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I would just tag the character with the correct spelling and leave it at that. My understanding is that the tags used during sign-up are just used for sign-ups/assignments, and you are not required to have your fic's tags match the sign-up exactly. You still have to fulfill the requirements of whatever was requested, but the exact tags are not necessary.
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Tag wranglers *cannot* correct the spelling of any tag. They don't have access to do that. What they end up doing is synonomizing the incorrect spellings with the correct canonical spelling, so all usages show up when filtering for character.

In your shoes, I would tag with the correct spelling, since that is what will show up in the header to your fic.
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Tag-set tags (the ones Yuletide uses for all its things) are separate from the Archive tags. Tag w/ the correct spelling on the Archive and you'll be all set.