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24(ish) hours left in signups!

This is your 23.5 hour warning for signups, which will close at 6pm EDT on Monday 14th Oct. (What time is that for me? and a countdown.)

You can signup on the Yuletide 2013 collection page.

You can view the current signup summary HERE. But please remember that bucket lists (the signups of more than 10 that people offer, which get listed all in one offer slot) do NOT show up on this summary (sadly, it's a function of the way the code is). So some of the things that are currently showing up with requests but no offers, might actually have offers.

However, if none of your OFFERS are showing up on the page, it is because no one has requested them. As we get closer to the deadline, please keep an eye on this - you can't be matched if no one is requesting what you are offering...
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[personal profile] parhelion 2013-10-14 01:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Thanks for the warning! I reminded my spouse which was handy since we've both been busy.