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A number of people mentioned in the previous post that one of the reasons they don't write New Year Resolutions is because they are unsure if anyone wants to read that fic anymore. Which is fair. So, in the comments to this post share your favorite unused prompt. The prompt you saw while going through Yulegoat letters and was terribly sad to never see written.

Put the fandom name in the subject line and the prompt in the body of the text with the name of the person who requested it. Feel free to add reasons why you like this prompt. Feel free to submit multiple prompts in separate comments. Then go through and see if anyone was desperately wanting something you want to write.

Prompts can be found at the AO3 or one long list here.

Cyteen - C. J. Cherryh

on 2013-01-31 09:01 am (UTC)
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(character: Ariane Emory II)

Her combination of ruthlessness and vulnerability fascinates me, and you can pretty much go any direction you want with her, including hanggliding down the slippery slope of evil, or a more optimistic look at how she could reform Reseune with her allies. I am curious about what she does next with her coterie. Or you could go into power politics, or, if meta is the sort of thing that entertains you, you could go into a critique of the way the series presents Reseune and Ariane II. I love the Cyteen setting, in part because there is so much creepy in it. Feel free to play up the creepy if that's what suits you.

-- from yhlee

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