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Dec. 29th, 2014 04:52 pm
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This is an entirely unofficial community for chat about Yuletide. Official communities can be found at [community profile] yuletide_admin and [livejournal.com profile] yuletide_admin (which has a feed at [syndicated profile] yuletide_admin_feed.

This is intended to be a Dreamwidth equivalent of [livejournal.com profile] yuletide.
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I'm posting this since Healy doesn't seem to be around this year to do it. All the good bits are heavily cribbed from their excellent post last year and the year before. Any errors or omissions are mine. The spreadsheet of requests is by [personal profile] raininshadows.

Are you interested in text adventures, CYOA, twine games or other sorts of interactive fiction? Do you want to let your writer know you'd be happy to receive something along those lines? Are you looking for someone to write IF for? This post is for you.

What is IF?

Interactive Fiction (IF) covers everything from text adventures through to visual novels, by way of all sorts of experimental works. It can be mostly a game, or mostly a story; it can be a way to immerse the reader, or to play around with the concepts of storyteller and audience; it can be an exploration of chance, or of fate; it can be a straightforward story, or something else entirely (one year Selden wrote me an IF poem). And here is Healy's summary from last year, which is much clearer and better than I would write:
... a term used for games which are made up primarily of text, like Adventure, Zork, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and other text adventures, or more experimental hypertext works like My Father's Long, Long Legs, or even visual novels. Interactive fiction these days is generally divided into two groups based on how you interact with the game: parser-based IF, and choice-based IF.

Parser-based IF, more commonly known as text adventures, are controlled by typed in commands, like "GET KEY", "OPEN DOOR", "GO NORTH", "LOOK UNDER BED", and stuff like that. Not every command you type in will work, though, so they're hard to get used to if you haven't tried them before. To make things easier, here's a card of most of the common commands. Some good parser-based IF to try first would be Ryan Veeder's So, You've Never Played a Text Adventure Before, Huh?, Admiral Jota's Lost Pig, Andrew Plotkin's The Dreamhold, and Adam Cadre's Photopia.

Choice-based IF is simpler; you just pick from a number of options. This can be done through hyperlinks and other clicky selections, though more rarely you may have to type a number from a list. Good examples of choice-based IF include Anna Anthropy's Star Court, Alan DeNiro's Solarium, the various games hosted by Choice of Games, and most every given visual novel.

Writing IF for Yuletide
  • IF is considered opt-in for Yuletide - please don't write it for people who don't want it. If you aren't sure whether it would be welcome or not, ask a mod to check with the intended recipient.

  • You are still required to follow the normal rules, such as focusing on requested characters (unless the recipient has said you needn't include them all).

  • If you're writing a treat, unless you're sure your recipient would be happy with it as a main gift, either post it to Madness or wait till they have another full-length gift posted.

  • It can be hard to figure out what word count an IF story really is - what you've written is full of code that doesn't count, and what your recipient sees may vary in length depending on their choices. If you're posting to the main collection, try to overshoot the minimum requirement a bit, just to be on the safe side. Say a minimum of somewhere between 2,000 and 4,000 words. Or probably about 10 to 15 minutes play through.

  • If your post to the main AO3 collection is under 1,000 words (eg you're just linking to an online playable version elsewhere), drop the mods a note so they know it isn't someone posting something under the minimum.

  • Your recipient does need to be able to access what you've created! Please link to a suitable IF interpreter if required, or if possible make a web-playable version.

Requesting IF for Yuletide

If you would be happy to receive IF this year, please leave a comment below, following this template:

AO3 username:
Letter link:
Fandoms you would like IF for:
Anything else: (optional - the sort of things you love about IF, specific IF prompts and preferences etc)

Some IF tools
This is Healy's excellent list from last year.

Inform*: One of the biggest development tools for making parser-based IF. Has an English-like code. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Quest*: Another big IF development tool. Has a click-and-point editor with the option to check out the code. For Windows and web.
TADS*: A long running engine for writing interactive fiction, though generally not as easy to use as Inform. The latest version can make web-based games, although I'm not sure how it works exactly.

Twine*: Very popular tool for making choice-based IF. Has a visual editor, with some code-y bits for variables and the like. Can be extended with some Javascript passages. Available for Mac and Windows, and Twine 2 is web-based.
ChoiceScript*: Used by the fine folks over at Choice of Games. Uses simplified Javascript to make games. It's very stat heavy. Requires a text editor.
Ren'py: Engine for making visual novels. Uses a simple scripting language. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and can make games for all those platforms.
Inklewriter*: A completely web-based engine for making CYOA-style games.

*** See also the Livejournal post for other IF requesters. ***

ETA The very helpful [personal profile] raininshadows has made a spreadsheet with all the requests from both the LJ and DW versions of this post.
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Is there something you've been wondering? A Yuletide tip you wish you could share with your past self, but might as well share with others?

Discuss here!!

Also, for realtime Yuletide discussion, consider the IRC chat room (which has a handy how-to-use guide). There are people here, say hi if you want.

This is not meant to be a very official modly post; anyone can ask or offer advice. if you want to contact the mod team directly about a problem, please send your message to yuletideadmin@gmail.com.
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I have assembled a post with links to all the songs, albums and music videos that I could find.

Here on Dreamwidth
Here on LiveJournal

There were a few I had difficulty with:

Crossfire (Music Video) - [Stephen] [Brandon Flowers] [I do not know which of these - or possibly another - is meant by this fandom. Input would be appreciated.] As one commenter says -- the Brandon Flowers one has been in Yuletide before, with all the Charlize Theron kicking ass in it. I'm going with that.

Toshokan Rocket (Minna no Uta music video) - Dreamwidth post with links Thank you foxinthestars!

恰好 | Just Right - 霍尊 | Huo Zun (Official Music Video: "正式版 | Formal" edition) Video -- I can't tell if this is the right one or not. Answered

I have not yet gone through the discussion, pimping or evidence posts, so if I got something wrong, please let me know here, or on the individual posts. I will be crossposting this to Yuletide on both LJ & DW.

--Editing to add, I am *trying* to crosspost to LJ, but am not having a lot of luck just now.
--ETA2 it went through finally. All good.
--ETA3 All three questions now answered - thank you!
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The yuletide letters database is up and running for 2016. You can find it at http://www.dennis-sellers.com/yuletide/index.html.

The letters database mirrors the contents of the Letters Spreadsheet but may be easier to view on some devices than the spreadsheet is.
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Yuletide letters are an optional, but traditional, part of Yuletide.

When you sign up to Yuletide (on AO3, beginning 1 October), you will pick between 3 and 6 fandoms to request. On the sign-up form, you can also enter prompts for each of these fandoms. Many people stick to that, and don’t write a letter. Many people choose to also write a letter, and put the link in the sign-up form. Writing a Yuletide letter makes your prompts more visible. It gives people some idea of what’s being requested in a fandom before they offer to write it, and it gives you space to talk at length about your likes and dislikes.

If you want tips on how to write a letter, try Yuletide IRC chat, or perhaps browse other people’s letters and think about whether they would be helpful to you as a writer.

To announce your letter to the Yuletide community at large, please comment to this Dreamwidth post or to the parallel post on LiveJournal, in the following format:

AO3 name
Link to your letter
Another link if your letter is in more than one place
Fandom name
Fandom name
Fandom name

That is, please write it like:

Jorinde and Joringel (Fairy Tale)
Pokemon GO
The Shadow (1994)
Soon I Will Be Invincible - Austin Grossman
Sucker Punch (2011)

rather than

AO3 name: Morbane
Link to your letter: http://morbane.dreamwidth.org/33404.html
Fandom name: Jorinde and Joringel (Fairy Tale)
Fandom name: Pokemon GO
Fandom name: The Shadow (1994)
Fandom name: Simoun
Fandom name: Soon I Will Be Invincible - Austin Grossman
Fandom name: Sucker Punch (2011)

Faster for you, and faster for me copying it to the spreadsheet. ^!^

If you want to add your requested characters in your comment, please feel free! Just please write them below your AO3 name, letter link, and fandom names.

You can have 3, 4, 5, or 6 fandom names - that is the number of possible requests this year.

Please use the 2016 tag set as a guide to formatting each fandom name.

Please do NOT link an placeholder or a locked letter. We won’t tabulate those until they’re available.

If you need to correct your details, please reply to or edit your comment, AND post a reply to the correction comment, one of the first under the post.

The google spreadsheet is HERE. Thank you to Alley_Skywalker, Isis, Molybdomantic, and Shadow_Lover, who are helping to keep it updated.

lsellersfic has also kindly set up a database of Yuletide letters, drawn from the spreadsheet. This may be easier for people to access than the spreadsheet.

If your letter isn’t done yet, don’t panic. We will keep adding letters to the spreadsheet whenever you comment. I strongly recommend finishing your letter before 16 October, because otherwise, your writer will be waiting to see it instead of starting on their story for you.

However, that’s only if you’re writing a letter. If you don't want to, you don't have to.

This post is also on LiveJournal.
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We're closing in on the end of this year's New Year's Resolutions challenge. If you are planning to submit a fic to re-qualify for this year's Yuletide challenge, you have approximately 4 more days (sign-ups will begin around 9am UTC 1 October, according to mod schedules). If you would like to submit a fic for any other reason, the collection will close around 12-15 October.

Since my last update, there have been 9 works added to the New Year's Resolution collection!

Works in Lego - All Media Types, Lego modular buildings, LEGO Detective's Office, Wild Kratts, Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger, Football RPF, German National Football Team RPF, Mean Girls (2004), Joe Biden as written by The Onion, Political RPF - US 21st c., Emelan - Tamora Pierce, Chess (Board Game), Beauty and the Beast (1991) )

Challenge information )

If you need to write a NYR story to re-qualify for Yuletide this year, you have 4 days left to do it. Sign-ups start on October 1, and your story must be in by then if you want to sign up.
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Nominations are open and this is the optional nominations confirmation post, brought to you by [livejournal.com profile] desert_vixen and jaclynhyde. Apologies for the delayed posting! Note: the nominations coordination post does not have a spreadsheet this year, but feel free to use the post as usual.
 1. This is the confirmation post for nominations.  Please post only after you have submitted your nominations on AO3. This DOES NOT count as your nomination. The LiveJournal confirmation post is here; if you comment in both posts, please note that you're cross-posting.
2. The Google Spreadsheet is here
3. This post is intended to help people coordinate to get the most out of nominations - keep in mind that if you absolutely MUST have a fandom/character in Yuletide, or it's ruined, you should nominate it yourself.
4. Please remember that the volunteers running this post are NOT Yuletide mods, so no authority or ability to fix issues. 
5. If you change a nomination or add to a nomination, make a NEW comment.  DO NOT edit your previous comment or reply to it.  If you don't make a new comment, it's possible your change will be missed.
6. There is a format below to help keep the comments organized - please use it! Copying and pasting your tags from AO3 is the best choice.

DW Name:
AO3 Name:

Fandom 1:
AO3 Category:

Fandom 2:
AO3 Category:

Fandom 3:
AO3 Category:
The AO3 categories are:
- Anime & Manga
- Books & Literature
- Cartoons & Comics & Graphic Novels
- Celebrities & Real People
- Movies
- Music & Bands
- Theater
- TV Shows
- Video Games
- No Media
- Other Media
- I don't know

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It's almost Yuletide nomination time, so here is the Dreamwidth nomination trading post! I am not a mod, but am again helping out with spreadsheets, along with [livejournal.com profile] desert_vixen (whose post I am copying here). The LiveJournal trading post is also up, and keep in mind that Dreamwidth users can comment on LJ. Feel free to comment on one or both, but mention if you're duplicating your comment!

This year, we can each nominate up to 3 fandoms, and 4 characters per fandom.

To get the most out of our nominations, it helps to coordinate. By sharing information, we can avoid several people all nominating the same fandom if they don't have to, ensure that one fandom's fans can cover all the characters they want, and generally maximise the things we want to see in the tag set.

This is NOT a required part of Yuletide, so keep in mind that just because it's not listed here does not mean that someone is not thinking about nominating it.  Last year, the nominations trading post represented about 1/3 of actual Yuletide nominations.

Please comment on this post with the fandoms and characters you are definitely nominating. If you're not sure about some of your slots, you can also list things you are strongly considering, as well as the things you hope other people will nominate for you. This is especially useful for fandoms that benefit from a larger group of characters.

If you aren't sure about any of your choices yet, don't comment here yet - head over to this year's brainstorming post (or on LJ).

A Google spreadsheet will be forthcoming - watch this space! Due to time constraints and busy spreadsheeters, there will be no spreadsheet this year. Sorry about that!

After nominations begin, there will be another post in which you can list what you actually nominated.

This post is OPTIONAL and does not serve as your official nomination. Nominations begin on AO3 on September 9th.

Please use the following format for comments:

DW Name:
AO3 Name:

Fandom 1:
AO3 Category:

Fandom 2:
AO3 Category:

Fandom 3:
AO3 Category:
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At the end of August, there are two new works in the New Year's Resolution collection!

Works in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and The Originals (TV) )

Challenge information )

If you need to write a NYR story to re-qualify for Yuletide this year, you have one month left to do it. Sign-ups start on October 1, and your story must be in by then if you want to sign up.
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Pinch hit 1 is still open, for Pawn Stars, NASCAR RPF, Airwolf, SGA, and Crossover Fandom. In addition, there are also four new pinch hits. If you are able to claim any of these, please email me at genexmoderator@gmail.com or leave a comment on the pinch hit post. Please include your AO3 name and pinch hit number.
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According to the Yuletide Schedule, nominations begin in a little over two weeks. What are you thinking about nominating? What are you hoping to get other participants interested in?

Use this post to drum up interest in the Yuletide-sized fandoms of your heart. Tell us what you like about them, and where we can find canon sources or primers. You may get a new convert to your tiny fandom, or remind someone of that thing they used to love but thought nobody else cared about.

This post is meant for fandom promotion/discussion only. If you have problems/questions about how Yuletide is run, you should hop over to the yuletide-admin comm on Dreamwidth or Livejournal to ask a mod.
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We have had one recent work posted to the New Year's Resolution collection. Keep them coming!

Folie à Deux (5950 words) by MinervasTorch
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Futurama
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Philip J. Fry/Turanga Leela, past Lars Fillmore/Turanga Leela, past Turanga Leela/Sean
Characters: Philip J. Fry, Turanga Leela, Bender Rodriguez, Lars Fillmore, Nibbler (Futurama)
Additional Tags: Episode Related, Episode Tag, Post-Fry and Leela's Big Fling, Cunnilingus, Romance, Porn with Feelings, Emotional Sex, Character Study, Past Relationship(s)

“You know, Big Boots,” Bender declares, waving the hard drive around in the air. “If it weren’t for me, you’d be enjoying some new-found fame. It’s only my quick thinking that has spared you some considerable moritification. You biological organisms and your disgusting and embarrassing bodily functions! This is the only copy. Don’t look at in public.”

It wasn’t that Leela wasn’t horrified when Bender and Amy told her that her ‘romantic getaway’ with Fry was actually a zoo habitat on a planet populated by sentient apes who wanted to gawp at humans mating. It was just that she assumed they were lying about it.

Challenge information )
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There are still three post-deadline pinch hits remaining for the Seeing Color exchange.

Pinch Hit 7 - The Flash (TV), Marvel comics, Daredevil, Sense8

Pinch Hit 8 - Divine Cities, Craft Sequence, Noragami, Natsume Yuujinchou

Pinch Hit 9 - Jessica Jones, MCU, Emelan, Psych

They can be claimed by emailing me at seeingcolormod@gmail.com or leaving a comment on the post where pinch hits have been posted (AO3 name and pinch hit number should be included).

(For times and dates works are due, please see post; the minimum requirements are fics of at least 1000 words or clean lineart with basic shading/coloring.)
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Stage of Fools is a fic exchange for William Shakespeare's comedies, tragedies, and romances. The word minimum for stories is 1000 words.

Sign-ups are open now until August 20, and works are due on October 21.

For more info please check out [community profile] stageoffools, the Rules & FAQ , and the social post.
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We are seeking pinch hitters for the following. If you're able to pick one up, please reply at the group or send us an email at rarepairmod@gmail.com. Thanks!

#1 https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/rare-pair-pinch-hits/roim1dI9fMQ (DC's Legends of Tomorrow (TV), Justice League of America (Comics), Arrow (TV 2012), The Flash (TV 2014))

#12 https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/rare-pair-pinch-hits/tP-lbyxzBqk (Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, Twin Peaks, Final Fantasy XIII Series)

#14 https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/rare-pair-pinch-hits/XP5Gq9Ju6aQ (Tiger & Bunny, The Royal Trap, Free!)

#18 https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/rare-pair-pinch-hits/soA3EtjmPqA (Eye Candy (TV), The Firm (TV), Containment (TV))

#24 https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/rare-pair-pinch-hits/wLPy5GrkCDc (Criminal Minds, Crossover Fandoms, The Librarians (TV 2014)
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The Darkest Night is an exchange fest celebrating dark themes in fanworks. Any fandom is allowed, including five-minute fandoms and Original Work. Fic and art are both welcome; the minimum word count is 500 words, and art must be a good sketch on unlined paper. Nominations open July 10 and close July 24; sign-ups run from July 29 to August 12, and works are due on September 19.

Check out [community profile] darkestnightex, AO3 Collection, and the schedule and FAQ for more info!

Nominations are open now!
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[livejournal.com profile] x_los and I have started a new comm for Dickens fans: WhattheDickens.  We have separate fic promp and discussion threads for each Dickens novel.  It's an anon and kink meme, where everything from your softest gen to your kinkiest kink is equally welcome.  The company will likely be small, it is true, but highly select! Only the best people! ...who are still on lj. ...and interested in a Dickens kinkmeme.
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