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Dec. 29th, 2014 04:52 pm
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This is an entirely unofficial community for chat about Yuletide. Official communities can be found at [community profile] yuletide_admin and [livejournal.com profile] yuletide_admin (which has a feed at [syndicated profile] yuletide_admin_feed.

This is intended to be a Dreamwidth equivalent of [livejournal.com profile] yuletide.
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Does anyone know the whereabouts of that nifty little bookmark thing from previous years that puts checkboxes on the tagset and lets you generate a list of fandoms from what you checked? (I'm not imagining that, right? It existed?)
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The tagset is open! If you have challenges or corrections to make, please go here on Dreamwidth or here on Livejournal!

Now that you know if your fandoms got in or not, or you're browsing for what to request or offer, I encourage you to take a look at the in-progress Fandom Promo Posts!

Here on Dreamwidth


Here on Livejournal

They're fun to browse and you can tell other people why they should get into your favourite thing.
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We have four new works in the New Year's Resolution collection this week.

Works below cut in Henry VI Part 1 - Shakespeare, Subarashiki Kono Sekai | The World Ends With You, Bunheads, Elfquest )

Come join in!

Challenge information )

Fics written for the purpose of re-qualifying for Yuletide must be posted before sign-ups begin on the 18th of October.
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Hello, hello and hello again from the swaps team, DW/Tumblr!

For those who participate in Yuletide but do not often read the LJ member community -- YULESWAPS SIGN-UPS ARE OPEN!!!! Until Wednesday, October 14th, 2015, at 9:00 PM PDT. (Countdown, here!)

Link to the post with our announcements and sign-up links is right here.

If you’re a Yuletider, come and be a Yuleswapper as well! And tell us...what's the best candy, book, or drink you've enjoyed this week?

- yours,
Sleeps, Kat and Alex
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Tag Exchange currently has four three two one outstanding pinch hit. Can you please help us ensure that all participants will get a gift? :)

Pinch Hit 1 )

Pinch Hit 2 )

Pinch Hit 3 )

Pinch Hit 4 )

If you like any of these requests and you're confident that you can submit a complete fic within the next three days, please leave a comment here (or here at our LJ community if you prefer), telling us your AO3 username and which pinch hit you want to claim. Thank you!

EDIT: Pinch hit #1 has been claimed. Still looking for volunteers to claim #2, #3 and #4.

EDIT 2: Pinch hit #3 has been claimed too! Still looking for writers to take care of #2 and #4.

EDIT 3: Pinch hit #2 has been claimed. Still looking for a kind soul to write a gift for #4.

EDIT 4: All claimed. Thank you!
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There are two weeks left if you're writing a catch-up NYR; the collection will close a little later than that for those (like me) who just really, really want to get another story in.

In the most recent two weeks, ten authors have posted to the New Year's Resolution collection. One fic also fills a Someday My Fic Will Come prompt.

Works below cut in Drunk History, Armadale - Wilkie Collins, The Blacklist (TV), Crusade, Rookie of the Year (1993), Marvel Cinematic Universe RPF, Captain America (Movies) RPF, Sense and Sensibility - All Media Types, Political RPF - UK 20th-21st c., This House (play), Nantucket Trilogy - S.M. Stirling, and Check Please! (Webcomic) )

Come join in!

Challenge information )
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For some reason, I didn't realize I could post to the DW Yuletide comm. Eventually, I start to figure things out. :)

I've been compiling a Google spreadsheet with links to the nominated canons and whether they're available free. Very in progress.


Anyone can comment on the spreadsheet or here, and I'll be incorporating links from the eligibility post as well.
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Nominations are open and this is the optional nominations confirmation post, brought to you by [livejournal.com profile] desert_vixen, [livejournal.com profile] starry_wolf, and [livejournal.com profile] jaclynhyde.

1. This is the confirmation post for nominations. Please post only after you have submitted your nominations on AO3. This DOES NOT count as your nomination.

2. The Google Spreadsheet is here.

3. This post is intended to help people coordinate to get the most out of nominations - keep in mind that if you absolutely MUST have a fandom/character in Yuletide, or it's ruined, you should nominate it yourself.

4. Please remember that the 3 volunteers running this post are NOT Yuletide mods, so no authority or ability to fix issues. If you have questions or comments for the mods, ask at [community profile] yuletide_admin .

5. If you change a nomination or add to a nomination, make a NEW comment. DO NOT edit your previous comment or reply to it. If you don't make a new comment, it's possible your change will be missed.

6. There is a format below to help keep the comments organized - please use it! Copying and pasting your tags from AO3 is the best choice.


DW Name:
AO3 Name:

Fandom 1:
AO3 Category:

Fandom 2:
AO3 Category:

Fandom 3:
AO3 Category:

The AO3 categories are:
- Anime & Manga
- Books & Literature
- Cartoons & Comics & Graphic Novels
- Celebrities & Real People
- Movies
- Music & Bands
- Theater
- TV Shows
- Video Games
- No Media
- Other Media
- I don't know

Useful links: Evidence Post, Nominations Trading PostNominations Tutorial, and Canon Availability Spreadsheet (WIP).

Crossposted from Livejournal--sorry about the delay! Please note if you're crossposting your comment from LJ.
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Hello, Dreamwidth!

This is your official warning from the Yuleswaps team that YULESWAPS 2015 ARE ON THEIR WAY, and we don't want you to miss it! Head on over to this here Livejournal post to preview our current plan, which involves sign-ups opening EARLY -- within the first week of October. Or, just come visit and tell us what you're looking forward to sharing with someone new this year!

- Yours, the crazy swaps team:
sleeps, Kat, and Alex

P.S. What are Yuleswaps, you say? They are an entirely optional, super-fun way of sharing extra Yuletide goodies! If you're curious, check out our post. Or our monstrous FAQ!
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The great part about Yuletide is how your tiny fandom finally gets its time in the sun!

But sometimes it needs a little help for other people to know about your fandom in the first place.

This is what this post is for! Tell everyone about your fandom! Tell them what's great! Why they should fic it! What makes it special!

EDIT: I found a much better posting guideline while searching for an old post!

Completely optional format that you don't have to use:
<b>Fandom:</b> (name of fandom)
<b>Category:</b> (the category it will be in)
<b>Comments:</b> (any comments you have about why people should get into the fandom)
1. (links to any sources you think will help a potential writer get into the fandom, such as wikipedia pages, legal sources for download/viewing, primers, etc.)

Note: I won't be making a spreadsheet for this since I feel this post is best for browsing through to find shinies, but if anyone else makes one I'll happily link it!

Useful links: Evidence Post, Nominations Trading Post and Nominations Tutorial!

LJ post!
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This is a crosspost of desert_vixen's Livejournal post--neither of us are mods, so direct any policy questions to yuletide_admin!

This year, we can each nominate up to 3 fandoms, and 4 characters per fandom.

To get the most out of our nominations, it helps to coordinate. By sharing information, we can avoid several people all nominating the same fandom if they don't have to, ensure that one fandom's fans can cover all the characters they want, and generally maximise the things we want to see in the tag set.  This is NOT a required part of Yuletide, so keep in mind that just because it's not listed here does not mean that someone is not thinking about nominating it.

Please comment on this post with the fandoms and characters you are definitely nominating. If you're not sure about some of your slots, you can also list things you are strongly considering, as well as the things you hope other people will nominate for you. This is especially useful for fandoms that benefit from a larger group of characters.

If you aren't sure about any of your choices yet, don't comment here yet - head over to this year's brainstorming post.

The Google Spreadsheet is HERE, with a separate tab for Dreamwidth. If you're interested in helping keep that updated or helping with the nomination confirmation post (see below), send [livejournal.com profile] desert_vixen  a PM. 

If you can't access the spreadsheet, feel free to ask if a fandom has been listed.  Keep in mind the answer will only be accurate as of time posted.

After nominations begin, there will be another post in which you can list what you actually nominated.

This post is OPTIONAL and does not serve as your official nomination. Nominations begin on AO3 on September 25nd.


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In the last two weeks, two new works were added to the New Year's Resolution collection. Congratulations, authors!

Works below cut in Penny Dreadful (TV), 21 Jump Street (Movies), and 21 Jump Street - All Media Types )

Come join in!

If you are writing a NYR fic to get yourself un-banned, the deadline will be the start of sign-ups - 18 October. That means you have less than one month to write one. Good luck!

Challenge information )
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By request, a Dreamwidth version of the LJ post.

We've had the Yuletide schedule, so that must mean it's time to start brainstorming!

What are you excited about nominating? What are you still on the fence about? What are you hoping to persuade someone else to nominate? Or do you just feel like sharing some squee?

Like last year, we get we get three fandom nominations each with up to four characters per fandom.

If you have any questions about Yuletide and how it runs, it's best to email yuletideadmin@gmail.com or comment on a post at [community profile] yuletide_admin, rather than commenting here.
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FKFicFest banner with 3 season cast photos

[community profile] fkficfest | [livejournal.com profile] fkficfest | FKFicFest on AO3

All the 2015 FKFicFest stories are now available for you! Forever Knight is a small and sleepy fandom at this end of history, but we're also stubborn, and we insist on heading into that next 800 years together, celebrating each other and our favorite vampire homicide cop. Come read?

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One more work this week! 55 total! See the New Year's Resolution collection for all of this year's works.

Work below cut in Event Horizon (1997) )

Come join in!

Challenge information )
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With Yuletide just around the corner, I would like to propose a commenting challenge.

What: Comment on things, especially things you've been meaning to comment on, especially in Yuletide or in small fandoms
When: Now until whenever! But probably until nominations
Why: Every year, I see the following comments:
  • There's so much fic in Yuletide! I can only comment on some of it, then I burn out.

  • It's great that people read my small fandoms fic in Yuletide, but I write it all year, and I feel like no one reads it then.

  • This person commented on three of my Yuletide fics! They must really like my style. But I was hoping they would come and read my other stuff, and they didn't.

A lot of people aren't big commenters, and that's OK. (And the kudos button has an honourable function too.) A lot of people are commenting just as much as they want to comment right now, and that is also OK. But a lot of us mean to comment more, but don't get around to it, so I figured we could use the extra push of a challenge.

Besides, if you poke around in small fandoms expecially, you might discover that a fic you've been meaning to ask for this year has already been written, and it's perfect - or, you might narrow down exactly what's missing in a fandom, so as to shape your requests.

So! Challenge!

Set a pledge for yourself, make a comment to this post describing it, if you want, or just come back and say how it went.
As an option for your pledge, tick off items from the list below (updated, with bingo option):

List of things to comment on, with bingo generator )

This list is obviously biased towards Yuletide, but I hope that's a feature, not a bug.
I'm happy to add things! Suggest things and I'll edit them in. Other feedback also welcome.

And of course, the parent Yuletide collection is here.
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1 new fic has been added to the New Year's Resolution collection! There are just under two months to continue posting works to this collection.

Work below cut in Space Pirate Captain Harlock (2013) )

Come join in!

Challenge information )
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About InShipping
InShipping is a multifandom gift exchange that focuses on incest ships. Gifts are a piece of fiction, a piece of art, or podfic featuring at least one requested incest ship. All fandoms and ships are welcome, regardless of size. For further details on this year's Rules and FAQs, please see here. Fandom and Ship Pimping for the 2015 round can be found here.The AO3 comm can be found here.

July 10 through July 17 - Nomination Period
July 22 through July 29 - Signups open
August 1 - Assignments will be sent out by this date
August 31- Assignments are due
September 7 - Works are revealed
September 14 - Authors are revealed

Note: Feel free to use this banner to pimp the exchange! Or make other banners featuring your incest ships to help bring in fellow shippers!
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